About the book

Willy is tired of frittering away his precious free time on the sofa. That's when he meets Timo, an enthusiastic racing cyclist. He persuades the couch potato to give road cycling a try. Willy's enthusiasm for the sport soon becomes so great that he takes part in the cycle race, named: »Glocknerkoenig« (King of Grossglockner) with Timo out of curiosity. He takes a severe beating in the process, but his ambition is aroused and the idea of rolling through the finish line ahead of Timo is born. He stubbornly pursues this plan and starts working with a coach. The fact that the coach is a woman really helps Willy with his motivation and the training often has surprises in store for Willy. A lot happens, not everything works out as planned. Can he handle failure? Will he manage to reach his goal in the end?


The novel is not only for cycling fans

The novel is not only for cycling enthusiasts. When the manuscript was finished, I thought the meaning of the story was deeper than it seemed to be at first. How many people are looking for a change, want to get out of their daily routine. It would be nice to be able to motivate a few readers with this book. Everyone can try to work on themselves. The easiest way seems to be to find your passion. Leave the comfort zone. Set yourself a goal. It doesn't always have to be about sport or winning and losing. Change your daily routine and wait for what happens to you along the way. You will be surprised. Stay curious. Don’t wait to get off the sofa and take the first step!




(print version in German: 354 pages)


6,99€ (Germany)

Link- if interested

Possibly this is the first book with a proper soundtrack. Because a lot of bands and songs are given, I offer you with this following link Link for easy listening to the music. Have fun!

For every cycling fan, here the link Link to the race »Glocknerkoenig«, which captivates me. Maybe we will meet each other there one day.